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When it comes to high-quality concrete polishing services, Epoxy Flooring Florida is your local expert. Our team has years of experience polishing concrete floors for homes and businesses all across Florida. We come to you with licensed, bonded, and insured professionals to ensure that your services are held to the highest standards. Each member of our expert team has been thoroughly trained in the best techniques with state-of-the-art equipment to provide the best polished concrete floors in the business. Concrete polishing can strengthen any concrete floor while giving it a beautiful, glossy finish simultaneously! Polished concrete floors are perfect for practically any application, from garages to local businesses to industrial manufacturing plants. No matter what your space is used for, we can provide you with a top-quality polished concrete floor that will last decades in your home or business.

Where to Install Polished Concrete

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Concrete polishing can be beneficial to a wide variety of locations, including residential, commercial, and industrial settings. No matter if you’re looking to make your garage or basement stronger or give your personal business a brand new look, polished concrete is an excellent choice! Regardless of the setting, our team can handle any concrete polishing project! Let’s take a look at the various locations that polished concrete is commonly found in.

Below, you can see the most common settings for polished concrete:

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Polished concrete is perfect for residential use, from garages to basements, even interior flooring! This durable surface can handle the daily vehicle traffic that any garage is subject to. As for basements, polished concrete works well for repelling moisture and doesn’t need sealing like traditional concrete! Even interior flooring can be made with polished concrete to give your home’s flooring a smooth, glossy sheen.


Commercial flooring is the most common application for polished concrete. This durable flooring system can improve the look and strength of any commercial business! Retail stores, restaurants, strip malls, auto shops, and more can benefit from our concrete polishing services. Polished concrete has the durability and resistance to stand up to the high demands of commercial businesses.

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With the constant wear and tear from employees, machinery, and heavy equipment, it’s no surprise how quickly industrial floors wear out. However, polished concrete can be an exceptional solution to this problem. Not only does the polishing process make your concrete floor more attractive, but it also immensely increases the floor’s strength and durability! Production floors, manufacturing plants, and factories can all benefit from polished concrete!

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The Benefits of Concrete Polishing


If you’re looking for a cost-efficient flooring system, polished concrete is the choice for you! The price of a polished concrete floor is comparable with other traditional flooring systems on the market. Not only are the prices competitive, but polished concrete is the most affordable flooring solution when the long-term costs are taken into consideration. The initial cost of installation will quickly be made up for in saved money from avoiding costly maintenance routines, repairs, and replacement jobs.

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The cost-efficiency of this concrete flooring system is thanks to the superior longevity that you’ll read more about below!

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Ease of Maintenance

Maintaining a polished concrete floor is quite similar to maintaining other traditional flooring systems, if not much more manageable! Daily sweeping and weekly scrubbing with an auto scrubber is more than enough to keep your floors looking glossy and lasting as long as possible. These floors are resistant to tire marks from cars and equipment like forklifts, which only adds to the ease of maintenance with this flooring solution. Not to mention, there is no need to wax, polish, or shine your floors either! Even with the heaviest frequency of foot and vehicle traffic, polished concrete floors will keep their shine for years!

Superior Longevity

One of the most notable benefits of polished concrete is its superior longevity. When properly installed and maintained, polished concrete will last for 25 years or more in your home or business! When you consider the economic aspect of your flooring system, as we discussed above, polished concrete floors pay for themselves over the years simply due to how long they last without needing costly repairs or replacements.

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No Concrete Dusting

When your plain, unpolished concrete floor experiences normal wear and tear, it will experience what is known as concrete dusting. This is the surface layer of the concrete breaking down into a fine powder, which is typically found around cracks, divots, and seams. This dusting can be a hassle to clean up but can also affect delicate machinery and manufactured goods. With a polished concrete floor, concrete dusting is remarkably reduced! There is no need to worry about the floor wearing down because the polish itself protects the surface from breaking down like traditional concrete.

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Hiring A Professional

Concrete polishing is a natural, sustainable flooring system that can help save you money on your energy bill! This glossy flooring remarkably reflects ambient and natural light, inherently. Once it’s installed, you’ll quickly notice that the glossy finish will allow you to work or live in your space without using as many lights while still having a bright space. In turn, you won’t need to run lights as often, saving you money on your electric bill and significantly reducing energy waste!

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The Concrete Polishing Process

The process for polishing concrete floors begins with cleaning the concrete and inspecting it for damage. Any cracks or larger divots will need to be filled before polishing the floor. Once repairs have been made, a three- to four-step process of coarse grinding will begin with progressively finer wheels. Next, an impregnating sealer will be applied to make the concrete denser and protect it from the inside out. Then the floor will be polished with fine-grit wheels to the desired sheen, then the floor will be ready for use immediately!

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The Cost of Concrete Polishing

Determining the price for concrete polishing depends on a few different factors. The size of the floor you need polished, the desired level of sheen, and any extras, such as staining, will all affect the final cost. When it comes to the size of your space, the larger it is, the lower the price per square foot is, typically. However, on average, you can expect to pay roughly $3 to $12 per square foot for polished concrete.

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Why Hire a Professional?

When it comes to getting high-quality results for your polished concrete floor, it’s best to trust your project to a professional. Our team has been trained in the latest techniques, and we have the highest quality equipment to ensure that your concrete is polished to perfection. Not to mention, renting floor grinders to polish your own floor can be an expensive project to undertake!

Frequently Asked Questions


Can any concrete floor be polished?

Most concrete floors can be polished. If the damage is too extensive or compromises the slab’s structural integrity, then we will not be able to polish it. Before the concrete polishing process starts, one of our professionals will inspect your concrete for damage and determine what needs to be repaired. Cracks and other surface damage can be fixed to ensure that the polishing process will work. However, if our professional discovers extensive damage, as we mentioned above, then you may need to consider a different project for your concrete floor. Keep in mind that damage that disqualifies a concrete floor is a rare occurrence.


Can concrete polishing remove stains?

Concrete polishing can remove stains in some cases. However, you should bear in mind that every situation is different, and many various factors affect whether or not the polishing process will remove a stain. Sometimes a stain is still fresh and can easily be buffed out. Other times, a stain has been soaking into the floor for years and penetrated the floor deeply. In these cases, polishing may dull the stain, but will not remove it entirely. Each project is unique, and we will evaluate each one personally to determine the extent of the damage to your floor.