Pool Deck Resurfacing

Pool Deck Resurfacing

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When your concrete pool deck has got up in years and looks dull and needs to be fixed or just needs an overall makeover, pool deck resurfacing is perfect for the job! Pool deck resurfacing can be used to correct minor blemishes like cracks and chips at a fraction of the cost compared to total slab replacement. When your concrete pool deck is still in good shape but needs updating, resurfacing can be used to add different colors and overlays to mimic the look of other materials that can give your pool area a completely different look. You can choose a look of wood, slate, stone, or brick and have it colored to look like the real deal at a fraction of the cost giving a unique look to your back yard. Pool deck resurfacing can provide a new look for your pool deck and added strength and durability.

Styles of Pool Deck Resurfacing

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There are many different types of pool deck resurfacing options to make your pool area look good as new. Whether you’re needing resurfacing for repair purposes or just want a new and updated look for your pool area, there are many options you have to make your space unique. There are options such as acrylic coatings, stamped concrete overlays, and stained concrete. Each of these has its own benefits and style!

Below Are Examples of Some of the Best Pool Deck Resurfacing Options

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Acrylic Coatings

An acrylic coating is an affordable way to give your pool deck an attractive and versatile finish. Acrylic coatings offer resistance to common chemicals found in pools, fading, and resistance against UV rays. You can choose many different colors from acrylic coatings to give you a look you desire.

Stained Concrete

Stained concrete is a great way to bring a pop of color to your pool deck. Stained concrete creates a vibrant color that can hide previous pool deck repairs and cracks and aging. There are two types of pool deck stains, and they are water-based and acid-based, both offering great colors.

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Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete overlays are a great way to bring a whole new look to your pool deck. Stamped concrete overlays can mimic the look of many high-end materials at a fraction of the cost. You can choose from slate, wood, natural stone, and even brick to bring an elegant look to your pool area.

Pool Deck Resurfacing is a great way not only to repair your pool deck but also to bring it an updated look.

There are many benefits of pool deck resurfacing! Below are some of the most popular benefits:

Giving You a Better Looking Pool Deck

When your pool deck has blemishes such as cracks, chips, stains, or is fading pool deck, resurfacing can give a smooth and brand new looking surface. You can choose from many different color and style options to give your pool deck a brand new look that is unique to you! These materials are affordable and can update your pool deck area at a fraction of the cost. Pool deck resurfacing can give your pool the look of an oasis!

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Pool deck resurfacing is a great way to give your backyard an updated look on any budget!

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Styles to Fit Any Budget

One of the best things about pool deck resurfacing is there are many different options to fit any budget or style. You can use a simple stain to give your floor a splash of color that will last and make your favorite summer spot like a resort. You can also opt for different textures and use stamped concrete to create a unique outdoor area design. You can use stamped concrete to mimic the look of wood, slate, stone, and brick for a fraction of a cost.

Creates a Safer Environment

Pool deck resurfacing not only give a look of beauty but also give you the comfort of safety. When you have cracks and chips in your pool deck, they can become a hazard quickly. Whether it’s you or your guests, someone could easily trip and fall, which can turn into a major disaster! In order to keep you and your guests safe, it is essential to fix these blemishes with pool deck resurfacing before they become much worse.

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More Affordable Than Replacement

Pool deck resurfacing can fix any minor blemishes and make your pool deck look good as new! This method is not only beneficial for style but is a more affordable choice as well. As long as your concrete is structurally sound, resurfacing can fix it with no problems giving you a new and more durable surface. The only other option is a full pool deck replacement, which takes a lot of time and cost a fortune.

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Elegant Look

Pool Deck Resurfacing can give you the look of many different materials at a fraction of the cost. Stamped concrete can provide the look of wood, brick, slate, and natural stone to your pool deck. These materials can give a glimpse of elegance and give you the feel of a resort in your own back yard. When combined with stain, this resurfacing option is practically indistinguishable from real wood or brick materials.

The Best Option On The Market

Pool Deck Resurfacing Vs. Pool Deck Replacement

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Pool Deck Resurfacing

Pool deck resurfacing is a great option to fix minor blemishes in your pool deck and give you added strength and durability. You can choose from many colors and styles at a budget-friendly price. Pool deck resurfacing can be done quickly to get back to enjoying your pool area and having guests over. The options for resurfacing give you pool an elegant look that will have your guests complimenting your new oasis.

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Pool Deck Replacement

A total pool deck replacement may be necessary in some cases, but there’s no reason to completely replace your pool deck for minor blemishes as long as the concrete is structurally sound. Dealing with an entire replacement will cost a lot of money and take a lot of time. The pool deck will have to be removed, but it will also have to be poured again and given time to properly cure, taking away from your sunny day fun!

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Choosing A Professional

is crucial to choose a professional for all your pool deck resurfacing needs. A trained professional can look at what damage may be present to the surface and tell if the concrete is structurally sound enough for resurfacing. There are some cases where resurfacing won’t be an option, and you may have to opt for replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can All Concrete Be Resurfaced?

Most of the time, all concrete pool decks can be resurfaced without any issues. There are some occasions that pool deck resurfacing isn’t an option, and you’ll have to have a total deck replacement. Concrete has to be structurally sound to be the right candidate for resurfacing. If your concrete’s integrity is questionable, you may be leaning more towards a total pool deck replacement.


How Much Does Pool Deck Resurfacing Cost?

Pool deck resurfacing is an affordable option to give your pool deck a new look and fix any minor blemishes in your concrete. The cost will depend on the extent of damages that need to be repaired, the size of your pool deck, and the finished product, such as choosing a stain or stamp. On average, you can look to spend anywhere from $3 to $5 per square foot for your pool deck to be resurfaced.